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Hooton Chocolate Company 1897-1961

The Hooton Chocolate Company was founded in 1897 and was purchased, in 1961, by the Ambrosia Chocolate Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although the factory remained active for many years, 1961 was its last year of independent operation. In 1964, Ambrosia was merged into W.R. Grace & Company. Grace sold off Grace Chocolate, as the division was called, to Archer Daniels Midland in the first quarter of 1997.The site of the Hooton Chocolate Company, at 351 North 5th Street ,  has been redeveloped.

Featured in this blog is a cigarette lighter, most probably a marketing give-away. I find it amazing how many things were advertised on matchbooks, ashtrays and lighters. More interesting still is many of the advertised places and products were not directly related to the use of tobacco. However, smoking was so popular that advertising on something related to smoking was a very good way to get your message out there.

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