Clinton & Monmouth Street S.W. View

clintonIMG_5875On September 19, 2017 I wrote about the post card pictured directly above which showed the northwest corner of Clinton Avenue and Monmouth Street circa 1900.

The post card depicted on top of that is the same view looking southwest. From this perspective we now see the entire church as well as  Laird’s Drugstore . The buildings on Monmouth Street are not visible. I never thought I would have the opportunity to purchase two postcards of opposite corners  circa the same time period ! Although no structures in either card survives, it is still a great record of a time long past.

One thought on “Clinton & Monmouth Street S.W. View

  1. I’ve been searching so long for pictures of this church! So glad you found it and posted. Both of my parents’ families attended this, as did I until the congregation moved to Irvington, and we, too, had moved and had changed churches. My mother and father met in the primary grades. My grandfather Schulte was the longtime Sunday School superintendent. How I loved the stained glass windows, particularly the ones on the Clinton Avenue side. I do wonder what happened to them after the Hopewell Baptist congregation moved out! There was a bowling alley in the basement, which always fascinated me, but I never saw it in use.

    Good find! Thanks again for good memories!
    Muriel S. Parker


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