WOR Bamberger’s Radio Station


On February 2,1922 WOR began broadcasting from Bamberger’s Department Store in downtown Newark. Mr. Bamberger, a retail genius if ever there was one, thought a radio station would help Bamberger’s sell radios.

The back of the card reads: The picture on the reverse side shows WOR one of the world’s most modern broadcasting stations.It is owned by L. Bamberger & Co.-“One of America’s Great Stores”- of Newark, NJ., and located about 4 miles distant on the Lincoln highway at Kearny.The programs from this station have been reported from almost all parts of the earth. It operates on a wave length of 710 K.C. or 422.3 meters.

I found it interesting that Bamberger’s touted itself as “One of America’s Great Stores” while Hahne’s, a competitor, was happy to be: “New Jersey’s Greatest Store”.

One thought on “WOR Bamberger’s Radio Station

  1. Thanks John. Newark played a significant role in the country’s early broadcasting. Launched in 1921, WJZ of Westinghouse was the country’s second oldest radio station and first for baseball live broadcasting.


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