Sunday, July 16th 1967

National Guardsmen  in an armored personnel carrier man a road block looking west on what was then High Street toward where Springfield Avenue and South Orange Avenue meet. It is interesting to note that not one building present in this photo stands today.July 1967

3 thoughts on “Sunday, July 16th 1967

  1. I am so sad to see some of these photos knowing that the buildings are gone. I have been looking for photos of my grandmother’s house for years . Now there is a new building there with a different address. I cannot believe no one took pictures of this place all those years she was there. We have a photo of her standing on the steps and a cousin on the landing but that’s it! I feel the house should have been a historical preservation. It was a boarding home it’s entire history even after my grandmother purchased it she continued to run it until my grandfather became ill and died in 1997. She had it over 30 years. We were too young to know anything or to do anything to help save it so eventually the city took over and condemned it and sold the property. They tore it down and rebuilt a multifamily there. Used to be 300 Summer Ave. now it’s 42 Second Ave. I believe.


    1. Sadly, your story is a common one. Many people have only memories with which to recall their family home. I appreciate you taking the time to write.. I’ll save the address in the event I see a photo some day.


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