Newark Orphan Asylum now NJIT’s Eberhardt Hall

There are  many, many views of this particular building. This view appealed to me because the façade is partially obscured by trees which lent a romantic air to the castle-like structure. As numerous as the views were, one thing held true in each and every one,that being , that Newark was proud of this beautiful building created to house orphans. This is a fine  expression of the civic pride that existed in Newark at that time. The beauty of the building announced to all that what happens here is important and we’ve created this grand edifice to reflect that.

Having visited the building during NJIT’s ownership I was surprised to find that the beautiful main staircase ( made of carved walnut ) had been proportioned to the sizeNJIT CASTLE of children. It was a poignant reminder of the buildings original purpose. It is quite fortunate that the building continues to stand. In my opinion , it’s  NJIT’s signature building.

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