Public Service Electric Railway System in Brill Magazine September 1916

Brill COVERThe J.G. Brill Company manufactured streetcars, interurban coaches and buses in the United States for almost 90 years. Founded in 1868 it ceased bus and streetcar production in 1954. Brill Magazine was a trade journal that they published monthly. The feature article in the September 1916 issue focused, in minute detail, on the Public Service Electric Railway  system.  Newark was also figured prominently as New Jersey’s premiere transit hub. To slightly alter the old expression: “All  electric railways lead to Newark”.

The structures that grace the September 1916 Brill Magazine cover, are from left to right: the”new” Public Service headquarters and terminal, a theater, a large commercial building and the Center Market. The alley between the commercial building and Center Market was occupied by the Morris Canal and is now Raymond Blvd with the Newark Subway below in the old canal bed.

Many interesting statistics were quoted in the article. One set of figures proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that “The Four Corners” was the busiest intersection in the world.


DEC. 22, 1915, 6a.m. – 7p.m.

Number of electric railway cars – 3719     Passengers carried – 76,291   Pedestrians – 153,435     Number of vehicles – 16,892



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