Central Cadillac 360 Central Avenue at Morris Avenue

Central Cadillac was New Jersey’s largest Cadillac dealer. This 1960 brochure shows a car that was brand new the same year I was. The showroom building of the dealership later became offices for Cablevision. The building is now for sale.IMG_2696 IMG_2698

6 thoughts on “Central Cadillac 360 Central Avenue at Morris Avenue

  1. I remember Newark fondly from the 50’s and 60’s my Grandparents, The Ironbound, Little Italy. Shopping downtown with my mother and grandmother.. My father patronized the Dealership,, any other Memorabilia or photos bro on Central Cadillac


  2. I turned 21 in the spring of 1967, i drove to Central Cadillac one saturday and ended up buying a 1956 series 62 4 door black in mint condition for $800.00, i drove it for years , oh the good old days. Bill Bohaboy Las Vegas


    1. Bill,
      Thank you for your comment. In 1980, I bought a brand new Honda Civic from International Honda in West New York, NJ. You were the salesman I believe. I still have your card ! Normally, I don’t remember such things but I never forgot your last name !


      1. Hi, thank’s for remembering me. a’lot of water under the bridge. hope you had luck with the car. Bill B


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