The Newark Paramount Theater 1886-1986

The theater now known as the Newark Paramount opened on October 11, 1886 , as H.C. Miner’s Newark Theater. It was originally a vaudeville house.

In 1917, it was sold to Edward Speigel who hired the famous theater architect, Thomas Lamb, to redesign the theater in the Adamesque  style. Closed for almost thirty years, the theater’s auditorium is in utter ruin due to a failed roof. Outside, however, the “Newark” marquee and the vertical “Paramount” sign are still visible.

The aluminum token I have included in this blog was good for five cents off admission when presented at the box office. The coin in the center is a 1914 Buffalo nickel. This token was made by Whitehead and Hoag.FullSizeRender (26)

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