Broad Street Station

Broad Street Station is a New Jersey Transit commuter rail and light rail station located at 25 University Avenue in Newark. Built between 1901 and 1903 during the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad’s project to get their tracks above or below grade in Newark and the Oranges. The Broad Street Station was on the D.L.&W. main line and at one time you could have traveled the rail road all the way to Buffalo, New York. The first station at Newark Broad Street opened on November 19,1836, at the east end of the first segment Morris and Essex Rail Road, which initially, went as far as Orange . In 1903, the Newark Drawbridge, crossing the Passaic River and connecting the “new”station to the east was opened. The Hoboken Terminal, the current eastern end of the line, opened in 1907. Architecturally,  Broad Street station is distinguished by an elegant clock tower and the red brick walls of the facade with their simply ornamented white stone trim.

The post card included in this blog has what is surely one of the earliest views of the new station. I say this because the station plaza is muddy and littered with construction debris.  Also, if one looks under the canopy leading to the main entry in the base of the clock tower there is a large grind stone set up there, that at first glance appears to be a seated man. To this very day, this view of the station is the most used.IMG_3073

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