I previously wrote of this famous First Ward restaurant. In that post I featured a menu. I am now presenting a well-preserved (near mint!) 75-year old post card sent in May 1941 to Mr.  & Mrs. H. Laddish of Oakland, California.

Written in ink on the front bottom margin of the card says: “party May 1941.” The handwritten note on the back reads: I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we are enjoying yours.”

Apparently, the trip to the restaurant and, by extension, Newark made a favorable impression on the aunt and uncle. So much so, that they used a post card from the Vittorio Castle to express the hope that their relatives also enjoyed the time together. I believe that the post card from Vittorio Castle  provided a nice memento for the West Coast relatives.


  1. What happened to the restaurant after ’52? Did someone buy it and re-name it and continue to run it, or ? ?


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