This church was originally started as the Bruce Street Mission under the guidance of the Roseville Presbyterian Church in 1902. At a meeting of the Presbytery of Newark in the same year, a petition to organize was presented, and the church was accepted and organized as the West Presbyterian Church. The congregation met from 1902 to 1907 , at 19 Bruce Street in the Bruce Chapel. It was incorporated in 1903. A site at 11th and Littleton Avenues was purchased by the Church Extension Committee in 1907,and the present church was erected and dedicated at 52 Littleton Avenue. The manse at 59 Littleton Avenue was purchased in 1910.

The church was a frame structure of Gothic architecture, with a tower, and plain windows. The Sunday School classes are conducted in the rooms in the church.

Rev. John R. Fisher, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, served this church from 1902 to 1906.

The perpetual calendar featured in this post was probably created as a keepsake to commemorate the opening of the new church building. The  useful life of the calendar spanned ten years, from 1907 to 1916. Since 1916 was Newark’s 250 anniversary, the calendar finished its functional life at an exciting time in Newark’s history. The story of this fragile object should have ended at the beginning of 1917. Instead this pressed aluminum calendar with its decorative “art nouveau” flourishes was hidden away for 110 years. The West Presbyterian Church was still in existence in 1965 and listed in the City Directory of that year.

img_5391Today the location of the church has been absorbed into the Georgia King public housing complex.

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