High Street and Clinton Avenue 1904

I just love the early twentieth century views of this intersection. This card shows a panoramic view of this vicinity at the height of its beauty. Today there are no homes remaining from this view. The last  of them vanishing in the early 1960’s.


One thought on “High Street and Clinton Avenue 1904

  1. You may be interested in knowing that I have been uploading many historic Newark photographs onto the website flickr.com. You can find them by entering “Newark” under “Search Groups” or you can access my complete photostream by entering “stephenpellegrino1” under “Search People”.

    Perhaps in 100 years (or even 1000 years) our descendants will look back on images like these and rediscover what was lost. With advanced methods they may build beautiful cities once again, which will have something of the charm that Newark once had.

    So check out my flickr pictures–I think you’ll find some interesting things!


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