Gould & Eberhardt ( and predecessors) 1835 -1959

Gould & Eberhardt, was the ninth incorpation of a company that produced metal working machinery ,woodworking machinery and steam fire engines. The company operated under a dozen names over the course of its existence. Originally founded in 1835 as Ferrand & Gould it became E. Gould & Eberhardt, in 1877, when Ezra Gould, Ulrich Eberhardt and Henry E. Eberhardt formed a company. Gould & Eberhardt operated in Newark for many years and then moved to Irvington, until 1959, when it was acquired by Norton Company and moved to Webster, Massachusetts.

Here are the various names the business operated under:

. 1835-1840  Farrand & Gould                         .1862-1865  Gould Brothers

. 1840-1847  Ezra Gould                                    .1865-1873  Gould Machine Company

. 1847-1848 Gould & Inslee                               .1873-1877  Ezra Gould

(In 1873, R. J. Gould took the steam fire engine business and split off from his father’s company . The entity known as E. Gould & Eberhardt never manufactured steam fire engines.)

.1848-1852  E. & S.D. Gould                               .1877-1883  E. Gould & Eberhardt

.1852-1857  Ezra Gould                                      .1883-1900  Gould & Eberhardt

.1857-1862 E. Gould & Co.                                  .1900-1959  Gould& Eberhardt Co.

1959  Acquired by the Norton Company

By the time E. Gould & Eberhardt was created, in 1877, Ezra Gould was primarily manufacturing gear cutting machinery , engine lathes , planers and shapers. These machine tools became the main focus of the company into the twentieth century.

Frederick L. Eberhardt, Ulrich’s son, later became the president of Gould & Eberhardt Co.. Under his leadership the firm became a major supplier to the U.S. auto industry, as well as to the military during World War II. Eberhardt graduated from the inaugural class of 1884 at Newark Technical School, which became the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Eberhardt Hall, New Jersey Institute of Technology is named in his honor. Eberhardt Hall was originally the Newark Orphan Asylum.


2 thoughts on “Gould & Eberhardt ( and predecessors) 1835 -1959

  1. My grandfather, Henry F, Karl, worked at Gould & Eberhard and retired in 1957 wheen the company was purchased by Norton. Would you have any information on him and his employment there?


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