The Everett Court Apartments Built 1908

The apartment house that still occupies the northwest corner of Court Street and University Avenue(Plane Street) was the subject of an article in the July 12,1908 Sunday Call.

The following are excerpts from that article:

“The Everett Court, now being erected at the corner of Court and Plane Streets, and to be ready for occupancy October 1, represents the confidence of New York investors in the future of Newark. The owners are the Messrs. I. Ollendorff and H.L> Baumann. Every  effort has been made to make this an apartment building of the highest class.

There will be fifteen apartments, three on a floor of various sizes- five room and bath, six rooms and bath, and eight rooms, bath and pantry, together with private halls. There are servant rooms in the basement for the tenants of the smaller apartments, if they desire them.

The kitchens will have white enamel sinks and a new type of non-explosive gas stove for baking, broiling and general cooking. The iceboxes will be glass lined.

There will be hardwood floors throughout , mantels in the dining -rooms and parlors, gas and electric fixtures. There will be intercommunicating bells and speaking tubes between the apartments.

The heating will be steam with sufficient radiation to maintain a temperature of 70 degrees in zero weather. A hot water system will supply hot water the entire year, heated by two boilers. A large laundry will be fitted up in the basement.

The architect of the building is Nathan Myers.

The building will cost $75,000 exclusive of the ground, making the total cost about $100,000.”

Today the exterior remains virtually unchanged except for the removal of the balustrade at the roofline.img_5143IMG_3155

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