Centre Market now 1100 Raymond Blvd.

In 1924, the $5,000,000 Centre Market, ” The Finest Retail Food Market in the World” opened. The market was constructed by Clifford F. MacEvoy Company.

The post card shown here was sent by a butcher , J.M. Lefkowitz, who occupied stand number 406 in the new market. When the market was built the current Raymond Blvd. side was still occupied by Morris Canal which would be abandoned in 1926. The canal bed would later be used as the right-ofway for the Newark City Subway.After the market relocated, the building served a number of other uses, including the home of the Casey Jones School of Aeronautics. Later it was converted to an office building- its current use.

The last home of the Newark Market was the corner of Linden and Washington Streets. Neighborhood people called this last market the “Turkey Building” because of the large and colorful terracotta cornucopia and turkeys that decorated the façade. The final building finished its life as the Barton Press which is now located in West Orange. Rutger’s new dormitory is rising on the site of the “Turkey Building”.

Now 1100 Raymond Blvd., the Centre Market has been altered beyond recognition.centercenter2


2 thoughts on “Centre Market now 1100 Raymond Blvd.

  1. The demolition of the terracotta “Turkey Building” in the Historic James Street Commons Historic District was a terrible loss of one of the most beautiful and interesting buildings remaining from Old Newark. Sadly, despite being protected as a contributing building to the historic district it was demolished with the consent of a city that did not understand the value of saving some of our historic heritage.


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