Anspach Bros. Opticians


I have found that my interest in business cards of the late Victorian period has grown greatly since I started my Newark memorabilia collection six years ago. I think many might agree with me that the graphics and artwork on the cards have stood the test of time. Although some cards may represent professions that have since receded in importance, such as livery stables,  one can still appreciate their beauty and the fact that these cards have survived over one hundred years.

The Anspach Bros. made prescription eye glasses.  A quick glance at their card and you understand what they’re selling. The business was listed in the 1914 City Directory. In fact,the directory listing was where things got really interesting. It appears that Edward Anspach left the family business at 583 Broad Street and set up his own shop . His new place of business was located at 569 Broad Street  approximately a block from the already established location. The building where Edward Anspach opened his new office is currently occupied by Panda Chinese restaurant. He would move one more time after this.

According to the 1914 Directory, Edward took a large paid advertisement to promote his new business location. His brother Eugene, at the original location, did not. Both businesses were still going concerns in 1942, and both situated were at their final locations. Eugene on Raymond Blvd. and Edward on Central Avenue. By 1965, only Edward Anspach Opticians was still in business at 20 Central Avenue which is now demolished.Anspach

5 thoughts on “Anspach Bros. Opticians

  1. I just sent you the message about the thermometer. I read your article, did you know there was also a location for Anspach Bros. at 838 Broad Street? That’s what is painted on the top of the thermometer. I would like to send you a photo of it, would go great with your business card!


  2. Hello, are you still interested in buying Newark memorabilia? I have a wooden box from Anspach. The box was mailed to a Brookdale address. With postage on the box. I cannot read the date but postage stamp was two .02 stamps I believe. I can email you pictures if you are interested. Thanks, Carol N.


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