Vesuvius Restaurant 161 Eighth Avenue

frontvesuvius backThe Vesuvius Restaurant was located at 161 Eighth Avenue at the corner of Sheffield Street. The restaurant, owned by the Siciliano family, was considered one of the finest Italian restaurants on Eighth Avenue. As with the Vittorio Castle, another renowned Eighth Avenue restaurant, it attracted its share of celebrities, the famous and the infamous. When the neighborhood was razed for the Columbus Homes , Vesuvius relocated to Bloomfield Avenue, where it remained for many years.

This plastic demitasse spoon, must have been taken as a keepsake and then stashed away for close to seventy years. Fortunately, when it was rediscovered , it was not discarded. I rarely find many old First Ward “relics”. Most people today would not know where these items originated or why anyone might want them. I hope that if some people who may read this blog have similar items they will think twice before discarding them.

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