Weequahic Diner Menu pre WWII

The Weequahic Diner was opened in 1938 by Leo Bauman. For two generations the entire Newark community, not just the Jewish residents in the vicinity, went there to eat and socialize. The diner served American fare and  Jewish dishes. Their dinner rolls and desserts were said to have been particularly note worthy. There was always a line to get in, but the line was a great place to socialize and there was a good chance you might see somebody you knew. Morning , noon , evening and late night the diner was always busy.

The menu featured in this post, has a striking rendition of a Native American brave and beneath that the name of the diner in Art Deco style lettering. I’m thinking that this menu predates WWII. The menu was taken from a scrapbook. Someone wrote on the front in fountain pen, ” Sandy Goldberg and me”. Whoever “me” was , the event was memorable enough to save the menu and preserve it.indianmenu

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