St. Francis Hotel Advertising Blotter

Back when fountain pens were the norm people used blotters to sop up the excess ink so it wouldn’t smear. Advertisers soon realized that they could easily place a message on one side of the blotter without any loss of utility.

The blotter presented here advertises the Businessman’s Lunch at the very respectable St. Francis Hotel at 22-24 East park Street. The hotel finished in much reduced circumstances as the Carlton Hotel. It now sits stripped and vacant perhaps waiting for a new role in Newark’s downtown revival.

The luncheon offered from 11:30 to 2:30 for 50 cents was quite  extensive. I imagine 50 cents was a tidy sum at that francis hotel

One thought on “St. Francis Hotel Advertising Blotter

  1. Nice menu (MEN-U)
    Sounds like good eats. I called Mulberry 3970 for reservation’s but no answer.

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