G.C. Phillips Receipt to Henry Meeker

Receipts and invoices from the mid 19th to the early 20th century were usually highly decorated. Oftentimes, the product or the place of manufacture were depicted. At times the product and the factory were illustrated together. These business documents were so artfully designed that many are quite beautiful. They provide an interesting sub category when studying the business of Newark . Because the content of these documents tend to be quite detailed, much information may be gathered on the  breadth and scope of business in the city. The information that these documents provide included, but was not limited to, what was bought, who bought it, how much was paid and so forth.

The document I have posted here has an additional point of interest. It seems that, in 1852, Henry Meeker (1808-1883) purchased a” Saratoga C. Burner” and enough pipe and elbows to install it. Why is this noteworthy? Henry Meeker was a descendent of one of Newark’s founding families. Their homestead stood in what is now the Weequahic section for almost 200 years. Meeker Ave. bears their name.stove invoiceMeeker Avenue bears their name.

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