Golden Gloves Final 1948

IMG_2433IMG_2435IMG_2434Newark had a great reputation as a boxing town. This program from the 1948 Golden Gloves Final was held in the Newark Armory. The armory was on Sussex Avenue and hosted not only boxing, but many other events, from Industrial Expositions to opera. The armory was later torn down and replaced by a high rise nursing home/extended care facility.

2 thoughts on “Golden Gloves Final 1948

  1. My uncle was one of the 112 lb boxers in that fight
    Do you have any pictures of the team or individuals ? Charlie Pierce was my uncle. Just found out today he was a boxer
    Thank you
    Charlie’s niece


    1. I don’t have much material related to boxing in Newark although it was a big boxing town. I will jot down your uncle’s name on a list I keep of inquiries I can’t answer and will get back to you if anything comes up.


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