The Newark Kennel Club, Inc.

The Newark Kennel Club was founded in 1912. The first dog show in which they were involved  was in 1913. The club was sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. I would welcome any additional information that someone may have. These ribbons represent a first and second prize winner. They are two of a lot of four that I purchased.IMG_2460

3 thoughts on “The Newark Kennel Club, Inc.

  1. Hi, I came into possession of some historical papers of the Newark Kennel Club including dog show booklet from 1948 & meeting minutes dated 1956-1963. If interested please reply to email or call me at 201-486-1199. Thank you.


  2. Hi. I’m looking for information on Arthur M. Duval, handler and Harvale Hero, Irish Setter. Hero was owned by Lloyd W. Smith of Florham Park, N. J. I’d love to know what awards Hero won and when. I have a newspaper clipping of when he won Best of Breed in Newark, N.J. I’d be happy to send you a copy of it. I believe it was in 1940.
    Jill Duval (Art’s daughter)


    1. Good morning Jill
      I do not have any further information on your dad at the moment. However, I would be delighted to focus a post on him. Please PDF me a copy of the article with any details you might wish to add.My email is johnlipari Hope to hear from you soon.
      John Lipari


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