Pins from the University of Newark 1936-1946

The University of Newark was formed in 1936 when New Jersey Law School, Dana College, Seth Boyden School of Business and Mercer Beasley Law school merged. The pins included in this blog are a freshman pin and a pledge pin. As the school had fraternities I would imagine the pledge pin indicated the wearer had fraternal aspirations. In 1946, the formerly private Rutgers University became New Jersey’s public university and in short order the University of Newark was absorbed by the new entity becoming Rutgers Newark..

Another notable aspect of the University of Newark was its adaptive reuse of the former Malt House of the Peter Ballantine Brewery. The brewery complex had formerly occupied a large swath of the Passaic River waterfront below Rector Street. This adaptive reuse is the only reason any part of the brewery complex still exists. This building continued its academic mission even after Rutgers moved out when it became the Science High School. Currently vacant, the building is supposed to be incorporated into a residential tower.IMG_2556

One thought on “Pins from the University of Newark 1936-1946

  1. One of many reasons for Rutgers’ move to merge University of Newark was to keep an increasing number of mostly urban Jewish students out of its New Brunswick campus. That might be a long-gone story. However, Rutgers’ “anti-urban biases” have always treated its Newark campus unequally, as the former Chancellor Steve Diner complained.


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