Letter Written by Chas. H. Ingalls June 22,1881

Most of the posts on this blog show places and things long gone. The letter, included in this blog, was written by Chas. Ingalls the name partner of Ingalls & Co. stationers. What is interesting about the letter, 134 years after it was written,  is how the stuff of daily life then, is still the stuff of daily life now . Family, work ,the weather and even the call to jury duty seem to be old and new at the same time.  Mr. Ingalls , writing to his Uncle David laments that they’ve fallen out of touch. He gives updates on various family members. He then talks about the weather and how cold and wet its been. It would also appear that the cherries and strawberries were very good that June. The business was thriving and they were busy due to the impending July 4th holiday. He also said he had been called to Trenton for the U.S. Grand Jury and hoped they wouldn’t keep him long. He ends by sending love to all. I was always inclined to think people were so different then, this letter proves they were not so different after all.

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