The Four Corners circa 1905

I find the early 20th century views of the Four Corners to be especially interesting. Between 1900 and 1925 the physical appearance of the intersection was completely altered. The Cass Gilbert designed Kinney Building rose on the southeast corner. On the northeast corner, the Firemen’s Insurance Company replaced their squat Victorian headquarters building, with its famous statue of a fireman on top, with a fine high rise building. The northwest corner saw the demolition of all the 19th century brick buildings and the extension of the gray granite, Post designed, Prudential Building. In their place rose a two story carved granite commercial structure that took up about 175 feet of frontage on both Broad and Market. The corner of that two story building on Broad and Market was crowned by a small tower and an ornate clock protruding from the corner of the building. The post card in this blog , captures in sharp black and white detail, an area about to be transformed.FullSizeRender (15)

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