Hahne & Company 1911

IMG_3992IMG_3993IMG_3994IMG_3995IMG_3996IMG_3997IMG_3998IMG_3999IMG_4001IMG_4003IMG_4002On the occasion of the Hahne & Company 53rd anniversary in 1911 they published a booklet touting their store located at 609-625 Broad Street. Founded in 1858 as the Newark Bird Store, the store had evolved into what was arguably Newark’s preeminent store.The building, which had already stood for a decade, was without equal when it came to merchandise, services offered and the design features of the structure.

The building generated its own electric with a power plant in the basement. The entire structure was outfitted with sprinklers. There was a restaurant, in the  basement, the counter seated 60 and the dining room seated 400. They boasted that they had served as many as 3,200 meals in a day. They manufactured ice cream, candy , made curtains and could weave 2000 yards of carpet a day ! Their boiler room burned 30 tons of coal daily.

I have included select pages from the booklet in this blog post.


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