Roseville Avenue- 1913


As a collector, nothing is more interesting to me, then when a message on a post card relates to the image. That certainly applies to this early 20th century view of Roseville Avenue near Park Avenue. Let’s forget for a moment, that today, this part of Roseville Avenue would be unrecognizable to the sender and instead give our attention to the photo and message on the card. Interestingly, when I bought the card I was unaware of the connection between the view and the sender. It was only when I examined the card in person that I saw the small X drawn in the upper left hand corner of the picture. Suddenly, the sender’s remark,” This is where I live” took on a whole new meaning. He did not mean he merely lived in Roseville, but rather, that he lived where the faded X was. His home, from what I can discern behind the dense tree cover seems to be quite substantial. Perhaps, with some research I’ll be able to discover  who the sender was, not just his first name- Charlie.

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