Rieboldt’s 205 Commerce Street


“One block east of the New Penn R.R. Depot” says the caption of the postcard advertising Rieboldt’s a bar and restaurant, established in 1880. This small fragment of Commerce Street, located in the Ironbound, runs east for one block from the rear of Penn Station to Raymond Blvd. The site of Rieboldt’s has been absorbed into a large parking lot.IMG_4192

2 thoughts on “Rieboldt’s 205 Commerce Street

  1. Rieboldt’s Tavern was eventually acquired by an alleged organized syndicate for the purpose of operating gambling and prostitution services for the booming Port Newark shipping and airport operations. Later known as “The Commerce Longe” the tavern hosted several celebrities including Lou Costello and Red Fox who was arrested in a side alley for participating in an illegal game of craps. The Commerce Lounge was also the 1972 location of an alleged “Mob Hit,” where a drug kingpin was seriously wounded and his bodyguard was killed instantly via a barrage of 19 semi-automatic weapon shots. The Commerce Lounge notoriously hosted parties for local and state elected officials through 1987 when the site was sold to a developer and subsequently level to expand a parking lot.


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