250th Anniversary A.A.U. MEET- WEEQUAHIC PARK



Mind and Body Newsletter September 1915 Volume 22 Number 241

Newark , New Jersey will undoubtedly be selected by the governing body of the A.A.U. to hold the 1916 A.A.U. championship meet. The meet will be held in conjunction with the 250th anniversary of the city, and to make certain of the event the city has bid $10,000 for the privilege.

From Common Council Manual -1916- Newark, New Jersey

The star athletic event of the autumn will be the Field and Track National Championship of the American Athletic Union (A.A.U.), on September 8-9, in which the most noted athletes of the country will take part. These events will bring to Newark the lovers of outdoor sports from all parts the United States and Canada.

The medals pictured above are for the Field and Track National Senior and Junior A.A.U. Championships September 8-9, 1916 and the National All-Round Championship on September 16, 1916. The events on September 16 were relay races and a modified marathon. The medal for Newark’s Olympic Champion is also from the 1916 celebration and was purchased together with the other medals included in this blog. I know the 1916 Olympics , which were to be held in Berlin, Germany were cancelled due to World War One.  That being said, I am uncertain what the purpose of that medal was. None of the medals were prize medals, but rather, belonged to an official of some sort.

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