The Erie Rail Road’s North Newark Station 2016

I  previously published  this 1910 view of the Erie Rail Road’s North Newark station. This depot was a stop on the now defunct Greenwood Lake line. The site of the station and freight yard is now a dumping ground for old asphalt, wood chips and debris.The tracks have been removed except for a couple rails remaining on the bridge. Most traces of this 45 mile rail line have disappeared. Personally, I find the loss of an entire rail line sad and unfortunate. The loss of this regions trolley lines, also pictured in the 1910 post card, was equally unfortunate.IMG_4305IMG_4442MA29975761-0004IMG_4437MA29975765-0002IMG_4438MA29975763-0003

The top photo shows the station in 1910. The next photo is the same view now. The third photo looks east from the approximate site of the station. The last photo looks west from the rail road bridge to the site of the station.

3 thoughts on “The Erie Rail Road’s North Newark Station 2016

  1. Only the West bound has been removed. The eastbound track is intact but has been buried under mulch and dirt. If you go to the former location of the Forest Hill station , you will see the tracks emerge from underneath the fill & continue towards to Branch Brook park viaduct..


  2. The Newark industrial track aka the Newark branch, as well as the orange branch has been buried in the same manner. In the case of the Newark industrial track, it’s being used as a 3-mile long truck staging yard.


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