The End Of The Vailsburg Motordrome


On September 12,1915 the Vailsburg Motordrome, bankrupt and shuttered, was badly damaged in a fire. This photo, which appears to be taken from the Electric Park roller coaster, shows a stream of water being aimed at the blazing grandstand. In 1917, the remains of the motordrome and the adjacent Electric Park were demolished by the Essex County Park Commission for the creation of Vailsburg Park. Please see my post of January 18,2016 for more information on the motordrome and Electric Park.


3 thoughts on “The End Of The Vailsburg Motordrome

  1. So was the Vailsburg Motordrome just west of the current Garden State Parkway by what is now the Speedway Academy School? Also curious if cars were ever on that track? The whole idea just blows my mind


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