The Burrington 51-53 Halsey Street 1907

IMG_4868MA30029320-0001IMG_4865MA30029280-0003IMG_4866MA30029282-0002The Burrington was a restaurant located opposite the Hahne’s department store. The establishment and it’s proprietor Wm. Burrington were listed in the 1902 city directory but not in the 1914 edition. The 1902 directory  gave the address of Mr. Burrington and his business as 57 Halsey Street. The card in this post , circa 1907, indicated that the business had relocated to 51-53 Halsey Street. One may also notice that Halsey Street appeared to be more residential , in 1907, and that the first floors of the row houses not yet been altered for commercial purposes. The Burrington  also had a telephone which was certainly the latest thing in the early years of the twentieth century.

The sender of this card states that “this is where we had our meals.” He doesn’t offer an opinion regarding the food but he clearly ate there more than once.

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