Pierson’s Directory of the City of Newark 1842-43

B. T. Pierson published a City Directory for many years. His directories actually predated Newark receiving its City Charter in 1836. The directories were small and compact 4 1/2″ x  7 1/2″. They contained a map, census information, street listings, advertising, listings of schools, churches, banks, facts about federal, state and local government and, of course, a comprehensive list of the residents of Newark.

Newark, in 1842, was still more of a large town, not yet the industrial powerhouse it would become. In 1842, the names of many of Newark’s founding families had a strong presence in the directory. Today, most of those families, having long passed from the scene, exist only through the occasional street name or an oxidizing statue here or there. For example , Seth Boyden , who invented malleable iron and patent leather, had a steam engine factory at 522 High Street and resided at 518 High Street. He is now remembered with a  statue in Washington Park. The directories contain a wealth of useful information. I have selected a few sample  pages from Pierson’s 1842 Directory for your enjoyment.







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