Branch Brook Park ca. 1930

The southern tier of the park between Park Avenue and Orange Street was the most elaborate section of the park. These images are all taken in the same area from different angles. Numerous structures, some statuary, ornamental flower beds , the lake and boathouse made this section very popular.

Many images of the southern tier survive to this day and it appears that these views were sent worldwide. The first image is the original Barringer High School which had the park as it’s front lawn. The second image catches the edge of the lily pond and sweeps east up the slope. The cathedral, Barringer H.S. , groomed paths and ornamental flower beds all contribute to this scenic vista. The third view zeroes in on the vibrant flower beds seen in the middle ground of the second post card.

Today the granite stairways and a half buried curved stonewall , where the flower beds were are all that remains from the scenes depicted above.

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