Branch Brook Park ca. 1905

This is a view of the lake and the edge of the lily pond when Branch Brook Park was about ten years old.. The lily pond and the “lake Promenade” were located in the southern end of the park slightly past the Meeker Mound shelter house. The area is now overgrown and impassable.

The card was produced in Germany because prior to WWI German color lithography was superior to domestic producers.

The scene itself is quite evocative of that era. Boys running about in knickers, women in their white summer dresses using parasols to create some shade and men dressed in suits and wearing hats. It is not hard to imagine , in the days before air conditioning, that a stroll in the park would offer some respite from the crowded city and a breathe of air. Although much has changed people are still enjoying the park much as they did over 100 years ago.

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