Looking East from 2nd Presbyterian Tower. North Reform Church and Intersection of Bridge Street and Broad Street

In this photograph, facing east toward Harrison, North Reform Church (cornerstone laid September 1857) is the prominent structure. Surrounding the church is a low rise but dense cityscape. The actual mix of structures is quite astounding. There are small factories, commercial structures with stores on the street level and apartments and/or additional businesses on the upper floors, there are one family townhouses and if one looks closely on the left side of Bridge Street there is an older free standing house that predates most of that which surrounds it.

The foreground includes the treetops of Washington Park and a streetcar which is being pulled by horses (rate of speed about 4 miles per hour). Electrification of the streetcars did not begin in earnest until the 1890’s. Strangely enough, contemporary sources indicated that some lamented the replacement of the horses. Time marches on.

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