View from 2nd Presbyterian Tower looking South down Washington Street

Looking south down Washington Street from the 2nd Presbyterian tower we observe the roofs of the Ballantine mansions. The the one closest to the viewer was the home of Robert Ballantine and is now the location of 33 Washington a large office building. The other , which was the home of John Ballantine , is currently part of the Newark Museum and is undergoing an extensive exterior restoration. The white chimneys visible after the Ballantine houses are part of the Marcus Ward homestead, now the site of the Newark Museum’s central building donated by by Louis Bamberger and opened in 1926. In the lower right hand corner we see half visible structure with a mansard roof. That building is the Ward carriage house and is now the houses the Newark Fire Department collection adjacent to the museum garden. In the middle distance is St. Patrick Pro Cathedral and immediately to the right is St. Patrick’s Parochial School. In the far right distance , on the horizon, is the Belmont Avenue Brewery, home to the Gottfried Krueger Brewery.

2 thoughts on “View from 2nd Presbyterian Tower looking South down Washington Street

  1. John here are some examples of the Juliette watch fobs made by the whitehead and hoag co of Newark This was the turn of the century sales promotion. Feel free to post. Thanks. Bob


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